The Whispers of Memory is the name of the two-man poetry collective comprising Gary Rhodes and Calvin Brooke. Part daily journal, part cathartic self-expression, the pair seek to chronicle their lives using the written word, from the fantastic to the mundane.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Destiny rolls over and lights a cigarette
Lips purse, inhale
and Breathe

the slow, soft buzzing of a thursday afternoon
echoes gently through the chamber of this moment

A thin sheen of sweat
As if bathed in celluloid
and Keeps me safe.

where once i was tumbling through the currents of emotion
now i feel and know and touch each second as it passes

Sheets crumpled, the remnants
Of a night's embraces
and Now know no shadow

turning back to me and gazing deep with those glassy blues
i need no further invitation and exhale twice, deeply

His fingers, tenatively seeking mine
Almost touching tip to tip
and Yet I die again

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